How to remove "Powered By Phoca Gallery" Text

In this very easy tutorial you will know "How to remove Powered by text from Phoca Gallery Front Page".
Yes by simply following very easy steps you can remove the Credits "Powered by link" from the very popular Joomla Photo Gallery. These steps are tested for the Joomla Extention Phoca gallery 2.6.2.

You just need to modify this file:

1) Go to 'administrator' folder
2) open the 'components' folder
3) open the 'com_phocagallery' folder
4) open the 'libraries' folder
5) open the 'phocagallery' folder
6) open the 'render' folder
7) and finally open this file 'renderfront.php' in any text editor.
8) in this file find the getString() function.
9) the first line of this function will have concatenated string replace or remove this to permanently remove the phoca gallery powered by text.

Thant's All :)


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