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Back in China, this time in Nanjing for the Search Marketing Expo event. This year’s event was noticeably more Chinese then previous years, those few foreigner agencies seem to no longer put China as a focal point. I totally understand this absence as while the China market is large I have been here for almost 7 years and the revenue, client side knowledge and general industry still has a long way to go.

While having said that I understand the absence it is too bad, as without having some good guidance and support the market is developing in a sub optimal manner.

Keyword Research FormulaOn the other track I spoke (presentation also included in on this site) the speaker before me was Allen Qu from NetConcept. NetConcept is typical agency in Asia as the speaker spent 20 minutes telling the audience to buy links from him and his network of sites. I have posted more about that presentation on the Secrets to Links & Google Rankings.

The keyword research presentation, is a very useful processes in planning and understanding the how SEO works. This example given is from an old process which I created, there are many variations of this process since then but it will give you a great insight even the more advanced SEO’s. As an added bonus I have attached both the English and Chinese version, so it is all ready for you to use and to develop further.


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