Ikariam Palace Script

The script adds a lot of useful information to a Resource Summary to the Palace View. Currently: Displays Resources, Resource Production or Usage Displays Money, Corruption, Population, Growth, Totals Also shows warnings for near max capacity or soon to be.
Replaces the table shown in the Palace and Gov Residence views with info from all towns:

Resources and their production level (or usage for wine)
Net Gold, Corruption
Population / Population Max , (Population Capacity Remaining) Growth
Research Points, Cultural Goods
Also has a row for resources currently on the move via trade ships.
And finally a Totals row [which includes trade goods and production rates]

Warnings are shown when resources reach maximum capacity.
Warnings are also shown when a production rate or usage rate will max-out or deplete a resource within a certain time, with the warning starting light yellow, moving through to bright red.

Warnings in Purple show 100% capacity or maximum reached.
Warnings in Blue show over 100% capacity to be reached due to trade goods transfer, which implies that the extra will be lost..

Install the script


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